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School dive trip

Diary of a School Dive Trip

Diary of a Year 12 travelling to the Red Sea.

All risk assessments provided

Day 1

We arrived at Sharm Airport where we were met by the rep. The transfer to the hotel was short and this gave us plenty of time to settle into our clean rooms - I shared a twin ensuite with my best mate.

Later we decided to walk around the Bay to orientate myself and flavour some of the more exotic restaurants, ready for our dive trip! We quickly realised the area had plenty to keep everyone occupied - regardless of age and wealth (and everthing was so cheap compared to home!).

All risk assessments provided

Day 2

The school scuba dive trip started properly with our PADI Open Water Course beginning after an early breakfast. Diving equipment and wetsuits were issued, and we met our instructors

I was in a group of 4 and our instructor was the same for the week. Introductory videos and worksheets in the classroom in the morning followed, before we waddled into the sandy bay to familiarise ourselves with the equipment. Lunch was taken at the bar restaurant and Supper was at one of the bedouin restaurants nearby (all for less than a fiver..!).

All risk assessments provided

Day 3

After breakfast on day 3 of the school diving trip my group practised some diving drills before testing ourselves in the sea later. Further theory work was followed by practical application and we all got thoroughly wet (very welcome with all the warm sun!).

Lunch and supper were at nearby different restaurants, at the price of a UK starter. I was brave and went fully Egyptian for supper!

All risk assessments provided

Day 4

Straight into the nearby sand-bottomed sea classroom after breakfast to experience the challenge of bouyancy! BCD diving jackets were inflated and deflated until we all had a sound grasp of the task. This was very funny to watch as most of my friends found this challenging the first time and then it just 'clicked' - weird!

Then after lunch we had the chance to try our first real shallow dive around the bay, under the watchful eye of my instructor (and my new diving 'buddies'!). It was amazing - our first proper independent dive on the school trip!

All risk assessments provided

Day 5

Today I saw my first turtle!!

After breakfast today some of us dived from the bay straight in, whilst others were transported onto the dive boats and taken off into the Red Sea. After our first dive on the boat, after I saw the most amazing coloured fish and a turtle, lunch was served on board.

More technical dives followed before I qualified as an Open Water Diver! One of my group didn't pass but he has an extra chance tomorrow. Of course my suntan at this stage was also becoming a masterpiece of its own...!

All risk assessments provided

Day 6

Yes!! Today I fulfilled my life's ambition - to swim with wild dolphins!!

My whole school dive trip group departed from the bustling Egyptian port on one of the dive boats to enjoy the further two dives as qualified Open Water Divers. We continued to dive together in our teams, with our Diving Instructors always nearby, but had the benefit of sharing the same social boat with the others.

Ras Mohammad, the local National Park, was picked for the destination of this day due to the dolphins and turtles and we weren't to be disappointed! The biggest race of the day was to jump in after the visiting two pods of dolphins!!! Wow!!

All risk assessments provided

Day 7

Today was my last day and I dedicated it to topping up my tan on the nearby pool and just taking it easy. With so much to do during the week, I just gently sunbathed under the Egyptian sun.

Later we were taken to the Sharm International airport and were waved goodbye by the Dive Club staff - we were sad to leave but we had the most amazing time and the best school trip possible with lifetime memories!

I will return here next year to do my PADI Advanced for sure!

School dive trip
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