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Areas of Study

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A school dive trip is designed to award the pupil with the internationally recognised PADI qualification. However, alongside this diving instruction, there can still be opportunity to reinforce a certain aspect of academic study.

Typically this would involve the Biology, Geography, PE and PHSE departments.

Teachers often mention that this overall aim of qualifying a pupil with an international qualification by the end of the week sets a Dive Trip apart from other school trips.

Couple the PADI qualification with an extension of your GCSE/AS/A2 topic teaching and you have a truly winning formula.

School dive trip

The Dive Club will choose appropriate dive sites to reinforce the unit or topic being taught, and resources and assets will be made available to the teachers accompanying.

This may be for example a specific fish ID dive at the end of the course to concentrate the pupils on their study of eco-systems and habitats in Biology, or an extended dive to study some of the ancient lava flows in Geography (only in Lanzarote).

The teachers accompanying, as the qualified professionals, will be provided with resources and a classroom if available for evening use. As this is recognised as being 'excellent' learning outside of the classroom this is made available at zero additional cost.

School diving trip

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