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school dive trip

At 321 we know that for parents to entrust the safety and security of their son or daughter to others can be an emotional and financial commitment. Particularly if its an overseas trip, and particularly if its for a sport they may have no experience of themselves..

That is why we take the safety and quality of experience extremely seriously. We are the UK's sole school trip specialists. We know what we're doing, and so we are the only ABTA registered business delivering school trips.

school dive trip

Book with Confidence

321 is a member of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) which is dedicated to raising standards of quality, safety, service and financial security. Our ABTA number is Y5223.

You can be sure that when you book with 321 all of your arrangements will be in the best possible hands. Insist on ABTA registered companies to deliver school trips!

school dive trip

Financial Protection

Your financial protection is fully protected under ATOL 10431

With the recent insolvencies of some of the bigger airlines and travel consortiums 321 believes it is crucial to always insist on total financial protection for all flights.

school dive trip


321 is the only schools tour operator founded by a teacher. All of our trips, staff and venues have been vetted thoroughly following professional teaching standards and quality assurances.

Additionally, the trips have been undertaken by the 321 staff as teachers in charge of groups themselves, and this is why we only use venues that we can trust for absolute school group suitability.

Reviews of 321 can be found elsewhere on the internet, including on TripAdvisor. Your payments will be covered by ATOL 10431 so in the extremely unlikely situation that one of the holiday's supplier's components become insolvent your money will be protected.

school dive trip

Previous Trips - Safety

We never rest on our laurels and we continually evaluate on how to make the experience better, but please take comfort in the fact that nothing will surprise the group.

Safety is at the core of everything we do. And this is why we are known to Local Education Authorities for delivering safe, quality rich experiences.

Generally, we use 5* PADI Palm Resorts (the highest qualification for PADI centres) and some of the venues have individual awards recognising their attention to detail and absolute professional delivery, but all of our venues know how important it is to get it right every time..

school dive trip


To date the only injury or illness 321 has had on the trips has been dehydration.

This resulted in the pupil being kept behind for one day in the hotel, for which there is always provision, before re-joining the course with a remedial instructor.

He qualified two days later. However, scuba diving does of course carry risk. Put into context, the average school trip will always prove more dangerous with considerable higher incidents of injury.

All of the staff in resorts take great care to preach the need to drink water at all times, and of course the low ratios of instructor to pupil (1:4 to 1:6 considerably lower than recommended PADI ratios), as well as the professionalism of the instructors, ensures complete supervision of the pupils at all times whilst diving.

Any pupil feeling uncomfortable or not keeping up with the groups will be delegated to a remedial instructor; success at the individuals rate is one of 321s aims.

school dive trip


321 will often attend parents presentations and, either way, will be in constant dialogue with the teachers leading the trip.

...and finally...

321 hopes that our experience in delivering these trips, our professional qualifications as teachers and our proven packages as a business will allay any fears or concerns you may have.

We only use the transport, staff, accommodation and venues that wed be happy with for our own children.

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