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School dive trip

School Dive Trip | Pupils

school dive trip

Congratulations! You have already done the hard bit. If you think you may enjoy diving from the comfort of your chair then youre almost certainly right.

After all who wouldnt want to experience a whole new world, more heavily populated than the one we experience every day? And then theres the weightlessness, and the vibrant colours, and the wrecks..... After all 70 per cent of the world is underwater.

Explore the underwater world with 321dive and never look back. You will almost certainly have the time of your life on one of the trips.

school dive trip


If you're a beginner be sure to eradicate these myths:

  1. You only need to be able to swim 200m unaided to be able to dive, and not be a great swimmer
  2. Wetsuits come in a variety of sizes, as do divers
  3. To fully control any descents or ascents safely is easy and thoroughly taught
  4. Fish wont nibble you (generally)
  5. Despite a distinct lack of signs, navigation underwater is taught and all of your diving will be with guides

school dive trip

Beginnner divers

If you're brand new to diving...

...you will do the PADI Open Water course during which you'll probably see sea turtles and dolphins, as well as amazing coloured coral underwater.

You will need zero experience of diving - in fact it is assumed you know nothing when you arrive.

At the end of the week you will have a new qualification and be able to with your friends anywhere in the world.

We are used to having a combination of skill and experience amongst our school groups and its rare not to have your same familiar faces return the next year.

school dive trip

Experienced divers

If you're more of an experienced diver...

...you already know about some of the magic of diving and you now will have the chance to share it with your mates.

Once pupils have experienced the one dive trip and are armed with their PADI Open Water qualification, often they return the next year to do their PADI Advanced.

Then the following year they may do their PADI Rescue...and so it continues.

school dive trip

Experienced divers - PADI Course or Recreationaldiving for the week?

If you do opt for the PADI Advanced Open Water or Recreational Only option (2x daily s) over the week then you will have the opportunity to visit all of the top dive sites that your resort offers. Please note however that the Recreational dives (2x daily dives) over the week is ONLY open to those that hold the PADI Advanced Open Water qualification; this is due to the diversity of the dive sites.

You won't be separate to your beginner mates during the day; we join the school groups in the last few days to dive together at suitable dive sites.

school dive trip


Most of the pupils that go on the dive trips find the PADI qualification very useful in gap years and future holidays in the sun.

If you intend to go travelling pre- or post- university then its great to have a qualification that allows you to go diving in Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Australia, Cook Islands... or in fact anywhere in the world.


...in short, whether a beginner or more experienced diver, all of our pupils that have accompanied a dive trip have returned to school saying it was one of their most memorable times at school.

School ing trip in France
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